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May 28 2014


Importance Of Workout During Aging - Chicagotribune.com

Importance of Workout during Aging If you don't have one, dumbbells work just as well. Start with a standing position, grabbing the kettlebell with both hands or dumbbells on both hands, do a deep squat. Position both elbows inside and against your inner thighs. While in this position, move your body from side-to-side, pushing your elbow against the inner thigh as you do so. If you have a higher fitness level, walk while in this max workouts squat position. Final Word No amount of surgery can replace the natural health benefits of a regular workout, and even if workout you do get a surgery, you won't be able to keep those curves without stressing those muscles every once in a while. Want to know more about the best workout plan for Anti-Aging? Read this article at Consumerhealthdigest.com-Importance of Workout During Aging where it tackles about all the important exercises to look younger and avoid aging... chi-ugc-article-importance-of-workout-during-aging-2014-05-07 We've upgraded our reader commenting system. Learn more .
More http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/suburbs/west_chicago_winfield_warrenville/community/chi-ugc-article-importance-of-workout-during-aging-2014-05-07,0,5201082.story

March 26 2014


Yoga With Leaps And Pilates With Boxing? Hiit Fitness Classes Emphasize Fusion

A 2014 report from the trade association IHRSA (International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association) found that women are up to two to three times more likely than men to join group exercise classes. Swedish-born Viveca Jensen created Piloxing, an exercise regime that blends the stretches and low impact exercises of Pilates image source with boxing and dance view website techniques. The 60-minute choreographed workout is done learn more in 37 countries around the world. The workout begins with an eight-minute warm-up followed by choreographed boxing, a sequence of standing Pilates moves, dance and then 10 minutes of floor work before a cool-down. "It's very much an interval training exercise. We want heart rates to go up," said Jensen, who claims that Piloxing can burn 400-900 calories per class. Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist at Miramar College in San Diego, California, said mixing a vigorous cardiovascular workout with a mellow, flexibility-focused activity has become common in hybrid fitness classes. "HIIT training has come center stage," she said.
Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/24/fusion-hiit-fitness-class_n_5021435.html

February 16 2014


The Benefits Of Water Aerobics: Not Just For The Elderly

In such a class, participants wear flotation devices and paddles; kickboards and buoys are used for added resistance. When engaging in water aerobics, it workout is best to wear a comfortable and modest swimsuit to prevent unexpected wardrobe malfunctions and old sneakers or aqua shoes to prevent foot abrasions. Before engaging in any aerobic activity great site it is important to do basic stretches above water or in. Don't forget Shin Ohtake review to hydrate. Just because you are in the water it doesn't mean that you aren't sweating as much. Health Benefits According to the American Council on Exercise , water buoyancy reduces the "weight" of a person to 90 percent. This reduces the burden on stress-bearing joints and muscles. For this reason, water aerobics will less likely cause injury and muscle soreness. If you are having difficulty performing certain body movements on land, you may find relief when performing them underwater.
More http://sports.yahoo.com/news/benefits-water-aerobics-not-just-elderly-150900478--spt.html

January 31 2014


Johnny Manziel Will Miss The Super Bowl To Continue His Workout Regimen

Gil Brandt (@Gil_Brandt) January 30, 2014 Manziel is working out in workouts San Diego with his old buddy George Whitfield Jr. , the man who helped Manziel to the Heisman Trophy and who made him a better passer - and possibly the No. 1 overall draft pick - this past season. . @ErikBurkhardt said Manziel turned down several lucrative marketing offers to train in San Diego. His focus remains 100% on football Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 30, 2014 In the past, Manziel has Shin Ohtake review never been one to miss a party, especially one as heavily attended as the Super Bowl, but perhaps getting photographed leaving with not one, but two ladies outside a Los Angeles nightclub during the BCS National Championship was enough to convince him to try to reform his image and show hes mature enough to lead an NFL team. - - - - - - - Graham Watson is the editor of Dr. Saturday on Yahoo Sports.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/johnny-manziel-will-miss-the-super-bowl-to-continue-his-workout-regimen-173359659.html

January 11 2014


Fitness Trainer Says Opportunity To Open Kapolei Center ?fell In My Lap?

Fitness trainer says opportunity to open Kapolei center ?fell in my lap? Four years ago, she launched FitWiz Hawaii, an outdoor training business. She held classes in Kakaako and later expanded to Ewa Beach, but as the demand in Ewa Beach increased she focused all of her attention there. Now she is preparing to open a 3,500-square-foot, two-room fitness facility at 94-1021 Shangrila St. in Kapolei, near Podium recommended reading Raceway Hawaii in Kalaeloa, and is changing the business from FitWiz Hawaii to 360 Strong . This actually fell in my lap, Monteilh said. The previous owner had heard of my business through a client, or somebody, and directly contacted me and asked if I was thinking of expanding. Monteilh spent about $35,000 in modifications to prepare more bonuses for the Feb. 6 opening, and is spending about $4,700 per month to lease the facility.
More: visit their website http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/blog/2014/01/fitness-trainer-says-opportunity-to.html

January 07 2014


Bodybuilder Sazali Going For Higher Weight Class

Universe Sazali Abd Samad has decided to take the stage in the 75kg category, starting this year. The 46-year-old sub inspector said he decided to opt for a higher weight class as he had gained weight due to consumption of bodybuilding and dietary supplements. "As I had won world titles in the 65kg and 70kg categories, why not take a new challenge by competing in the 75kg category," he told Bernama today. On his outings this year, Sazali said the Malaysian Bodybuilding Federation (PBBM) had yet this link to issue the national and international bodybuilding calendars. "I will only know which competitions to enter after I get the calendars. Anyway, bodybuilding will not be included in the South Korean Asian Games and Scotland Commonwealth Games," he added. The eight-time Mr. Asia, who hailed from Batu Pahat, Johor, said he was undergoing a pain relief treatment in his left knee at the National Sports Institute (NSI), http://investor.biospace.com/biospace/news/read/25347725/ apart from getting medical advice from a doctor from the National Sports Council (NSC). "The pain in the left knee happened a long time ago, but it became really painful during the SEA Games in Myanmar recently.
Full story http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v7/ge/newsgeneral.php?id=1005701

December 10 2013


The Real Meaning Behind Bodybuilding

Nowadays, its more and more common to see fitness centres used for rehabilitation of injuries. Working out with weights strengthens muscles and as long as you receive professional advice, strengthening muscles around a certain injury can be extremely beneficial. Bodybuilding and strongman competitions began workout in the 19th century, but it was in the 1930s that they really began to grow in popularity, and the term "bodybuilding" emerged. One of the first Mr Americas was John Grimek, who built his workout physique almost entirely with barbells and dumbbells. The coming of Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a whole new revival of bodybuilding and took it to yet another level. Major competitions these days include Mr Universe, Mr Olympia and the Arnold Classic, with cash prizes sometimes running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention lucrative sponsorship deals There are a few myths that should be cleared concerning bodybuilding.
Full story: http://www.thephuketnews.com/the-real-meaning-behind-bodybuilding-42666.php

December 03 2013


Fitness Facilities Update

The current cardio equipment at Dalplex. New cardio and strength facilities will be a key part of the new fitness facility on South Street. (File photo) After exploring a number of alternatives, the Project Team is now approved to focus on Phase One and develop a design concept for a new stand-alone Fitness Centre on South Street, intended to be an effective first phase for future comprehensive redevelopment. The South Street location will be on the current site of Eliza Ritchie Hall. (Eliza Ritchie has long been planned for demolition following the completion of the new Mixed-Use Residence on LeMarchant Street.) The fitness facility will include: Cardio and strength training facilities Group fitness studios for dance, yoga and spin Competition-quality double courts Customer service and equipment rental facilities New change rooms These features were all among the most requested in both the 2011 Campus Recreation survey and in fitness facility consultations held over the past two years. A revised conceptual design for the new facility is scheduled for presentation to the Board by February, at which point a more detailed project budget and construction timeline will be finalized. Addressing Dals fitness needs The need for new fitness facilities at Dal has been obvious for some time. The universitys recreation facilities serve 8,500 students and 3,800 [read] Dalplex members, but have long been showing their age in a noticeable way. In the Canadian University Survey Consortiums undergraduate survey, Dal students satisfaction with athletic facilities declined nearly 20 percentage points in the past decade, and the 2011 Campus Recreation survey identified that satisfaction with recreation facilities was about 10 per cent lower at Dal than the Canadian university average.
Full story: http://www.dal.ca/news/2013/11/29/new-fitness-facilities-moving-ahead.html

November 17 2013


5 Workouts That Put Your Sweat To Good Use

PHOTO: The treadmill was used in nineteenth century prisons as a power source. Courtesy Woodway.com EcoMill The EcoMill is a totally self-powered treadmill that produces enough wattage to power its own display plus charge up a smartphone. No max workout electric motor means the curved belt relies on gravity continue reading this.. and the push of the user's feet to move it along. It's hard work, but you burn up to 30 percent more calories than on a motorized treadmill. Sir Cubitt would be pleased.
Full story: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/workouts-put-sweat-good/story?id=20865491

November 10 2013


Farrah Abraham Says Bethenny Frankel Is "against Women" And "rude"

Farrah Abraham Thinks Being A Feminist Has Something To Do With Being A Lesbian

Then, she brought up very old misconstrued tabloid topics like my daughters unibrow and had judgmental women who were in the audience act disrespectful towards me and twist my opinion as a mother, I care about my daughters hygiene to suggest Sophia would not be beautiful, even if she had a unibrow. It was rude and I felt Bethenny siding with these women and their untrue statements. Even though Frankel came to Abraham's defense during the show, the adult film star had nothing but nasty things to say about the former Real Housewives of New York City star. During the show, she brought up my sex toy line and tried to encourage the audience to not buy my line because Im a Teen Mom and thats all I will ever be.' Overall, Bethenny seems to be in a dark place in her life and it was shocking to see how against women she really is. I hope she comes to better terms with herself so she can be a better mother, move on from her divorce and be a better television host.
More http://www.celebuzz.com/2013-10-28/farrah-abraham-says-bethenny-frankel-is-against-women-and-rude/

Farrah Abraham argues with ?Bethenny? audience member on parenting choices, slams host Bethenny Frankel for ?judgmental? interview

PHOTOS: Farrah Abraham Smokes A Blow Hookah At The Opening Of Vivid Cabaret Its really the people that are known for being controversial, theres a reason for it, and they leave and they kind of plant seeds so they will grow to make it 15 or 16 minutes, she said. But those 15 minutes do include Frankels name and she isnt bothered by the situation. In fact, it only helps her. Its okay, Frankel said.
More http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/11/bethenny-frankel-farrah-abraham-fight/


Bethenny Frankel Returns Fire At Farrah Abraham: People ?Like To Be Controversial?

Getty Images The "no judgement" segment Monday featured Abraham, 22, taking questions from the audience on "Bethenny" and defending some of the choices she's made in raising daughter Sophia, 4. For one thing, the reality starlet and sex toy company owner recently caused a stir when she revealed that she plucks and waxes her daughter's eyebrows. RELATED: FARRAH ABRAHAM REJECTED BY PLAYBOY: REPORT bethenny via YouTube An audience member couldnt believe what she heard about Abrahams parenting, saying the Teen Mom star is crazy. "After that whole situation in the media, I actually got a lot of fan mail from girls who were younger, who did have unibrows, and they only wished that their moms would have helped them," Abraham said. One mom in the audience didn't agree.
More http://www.nexopia.com/users/longrrbw/blog/11-farrah-abraham-flaunts-bikini-body-new-pics-pop-up-while-shes-in-rehab >http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/farrah-abraham-slams-bethenny-frankel-spat-talk-show-audience-member-article-1.1499092

Miley Cyrus Wears a Flammable Dress to the 2013 MTV EMAs Celebrity Photos: November 2013 Taylor Swift attended the BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards at the Wembley Arena in London, England on Nov. 3. Celebrity Photos: November 2013 Pregnant Gwen Stefani took her sons to Racer's Edge Indoor Karting in Los Angeles, Calif., on Nov. 2. Celebrity Photos: November 2013 Lana Del Farrah Rey and Barrie James O'Neill attended NYLON magazine's party at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood on Nov.
More http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/03/farrah-abraham-feminist_n_3861840.html

November 09 2013


Kim Kardashian In Fall 2013 White Trend

Kris Jenner Talks Kim Kardashian's Sexy Selfie, Kanye West's Proposal & Her Relationship With Bruce

The dress featured a round neck, sleeves and scalloped edges that fell just below the knee. Kardashian completed the look with pair of black ankle strap heels which were finished with chunky gold hardware. The new mom sported her signature bronze glow and added a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Kardashians newly blonde hair was worn down with a deep side part and voluminous waves that cascaded neatly over one shoulder. The starlets makeup was kept simple with a shimmering smoky eye and a nude gloss on the lips.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/kim-kardashian-fall-2013-white-trend

Khloe Kardashian Denies Reports She?s Selling Her Home

News tonight! The E! matriarch was a guest cohost with Catt Sadler and Jason Kennedy , and participated in a new segment called So True? So False? Kardashian edition, where she answered all sorts of questions concering her nearest and dearest.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/478848/kris-jenner-talks-kim-kardashian-s-sexy-selfie-kanye-west-s-proposal-her-relationship-with-bruce

Kardashian Family At Area 51 On UFO Hunt (VIDEO)

On Sunday's episode of the E! channel's long-running " Keeping Up With The Kardashians ," the Kardashian/Jenner family set out on a trip to hunt for aliens at America's top secret -- and legendary -- military base, known as Area 51. Back in March, OpenMinds.tv reported how Kendall Jenner had revealed her own UFO sighting, followed by her sister Khloe Kardashian's disclosure of her belief in UFOs. At the same time, the CIA revealed that Area 51 actually existed in the Nevada desert where, for decades, America built and tested high altitude spy aircraft technology.
Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/04/kardashian-family-hunt-aliens-area-51_n_4214114.html

Great Urban Race LOL I cant stand those horrendous old images, she tweeted . But even withher denial, TMZ first reported , theres an actual listing to back it up that a mansion under Odoms name is up for sale for around $4 million. The listing adds that the home is more than 32,000 square feet and has seven bedrooms. A rep for Kardashian, who also denied that the home is for sale, added that the reality star is looking into where the listing came from. The realtor for the property seconded the notion that Kardashian is not selling her home.
Full story: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2013/11/khloe-kardashian

October 27 2013


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welcome to my online journey
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